Teeth straightening

How your teeth look can affect your self confidence, and making the decision to straighten your teeth can be exciting and a little daunting. You may be excited about having a new, straight smile, but concerned about how you will look while your teeth are changing.

At Fir Tree Dental Care we offer traditional braces, but we also have options for near-invisible teeth straightening solutions. No-one will know you are wearing braces, so you can keep smiling even through treatment.  

Cosmetic teeth straightening

Brickstables Repairingteeth Fillings

Cosmetic straightening is ideal if you're looking for a quick way to improve your smile. You can achieve excellent results in as little as six months.

Hidden braces

Lavender Orthodontics Hiddenbraces

Hidden braces sit on the inside surface of your teeth and their positioning means you can't see them from the outside.

Clear aligners

Granville Orthodontics 7

Invisible braces, sometimes known as clear aligners, are one of the most popular orthodontic treatments for adult patients.


Granville Invisalign 2

A retainer is a type of brace that's used to ensure your teeth remain straight once you've had a course of straightening treatment. They can be either fixed or removable.


Replacing teeth

Our Fir Tree Dental Care dentists can help restore your confidence with replacements for missing teeth: from dental crowns to bridges, only you will know they’re there.


Smile styling

Our Fir Tree Dental Care dentists are experienced in cosmetic dentistry. We use smart technology and expert techniques to achieve your dental goals.